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At Searching for Change, we understand that there are multiple paths to healing. While some clients only attend individual therapy, often we find that participating in groups can be extremely helpful in your emotional journey. We offer a wide variety of treatment specific groups to help you make positive changes in your life within a supportive environment.

A Sex Addict’s Journey to Healthy Sex and Sexuality

The courage, resilience, and work that you dedicated to being sexually sober was not meant to lead to permanent abstinence. This group is for people who are in recovery for sexual addiction and are ready to do the hardest work of all- exploring beliefs about sex and sexuality. Together we will help you disentangle the parts of our arousal and sexual selves that have been linked to shame and addiction while creating a new path forward with a confident and holistic understanding of who we are as healthy sexual human beings. Using some of the work of Alex Katehaki’s book Erotic Intelligence and Sexual Reflections in conjunction with somatic and experiential work, this group offers a safe space for the next part of your journey.

From Graduation to a Global Pandemic, Re-Envisioning the Future

It was supposed to be one of the best times of your life leading into a world of opportunity. Instead, COVID-19 took over. This group will offer recent graduates the opportunity to discuss, grieve, and process the impact of current events on their young adult lives. In this group, our goal is to give you a safe space to express the emotional challenges of the losses you’ve experienced while offering support to redefine what your new journey can look like.

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Our Diagnosis Doesn’t Have to be Our Identity

This group will offer participants a way to connect with peers who are looking to shift away from the judgment and shame of their mental health diagnosis and symptoms. Discussions around the impact on self, family, and friends will be explored, as well as the grief and trauma that can result from an episode and diagnosis. We will use art and experimental therapies to allow a safe connection with our emotions and bodies. Together, we will move towards a meaningful life of self-love and compassion.

Young and Sober: A Redefinition of Life on Life’s Terms

Getting sober means lifestyle changes, which can be overwhelming- especially when you’re young. This group is for those who are ages 18-25 who want a space to explore what you like, what you want, and where you plan to go now that you’re sober. Utilizing Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), you will be supported and challenged to redefine what it means to be “you”.

Spirituality and Sobriety: The Struggle is Real

Many humans grapple with the idea of spirituality. For you, it may be a major block in the 12-step program that you are currently working. For others, there may be a spiritual or religious trauma that requires attention. This group offers an empathetic space to explore and deeply challenge what your spirituality has meant to you. By gaining new insight and perspectives, together we will help you bring your new beliefs into your life in recovery.

Partners of Sex Addicts

Whether you are immediately post-discovery or a year down the road but not seeing the changes that you thought you would and still feeling the intensity of the trauma and fear of living with active addiction, most partners of sex addicts feel so painfully alone. While oftentimes addicts are forced to go immediately into therapy, meetings, and a lot of support, partners can still be left wondering why they feel left alone again when they have been the ones betrayed and lied to. And it is hard to open this part of your life to other people due to valid concern of stigma, shame or denial and maybe there is no family member or friend who knows what you are going through. Searching for Change offers several group options for partners that can decrease your loneliness, help you understand the trauma you have been through, and help you develop a sense of empowerment and community.

Sex Addicts in Recovery

“The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. It is human connection,” Johann Hari, author of Chasing the Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs. Your life in active addiction has been in secret, shame, and fear- living a double life with no single person really knowing you. Group therapy is one of the more effective treatment modalities for addicts in recovery because they allow for a safe space to explore your addiction, receive and give feedback, build intimate connections, and have supportive accountability. This group is facilitated by a therapist who will use Facing the Shadows along with other tools to support the group process.

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